Friday, July 29, 2022

My Heart To Joy - Demo Days [2006]


Released when the band was known as My Heart To Joy At The Same Tone.

1. I Can Hear Sirens
2. I Think You Woke the Dead
3. Dreams to burn out to...
4. Ethics
5. Angry, Very Angry
6. Everything Devo Ever Dreamed Of

My Heart to Joy was an American emo band from Berlin, Connecticut. Originally formed when the members are at high school, They released a demo, two EPs, a compilation, and an album.

Members of My Heart to Joy went on to play in The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die and Self Defense Family, and previously The Golden Gates, Summit, Connecticut, and Perfect Lines.

Alan Huck - Drums (2006-2011)
Ryan Nelson - Guitar, Vocals (2006-2011)
Jon Makowski - Bass (2006-2009)
Greg Horbal - Guitar, Vocals (2007-2011)
Chris Teti - Bass (2009-2010), Guitar (2010-2011)
Ross Cohen - Bass (2010-2011)
Steven K Buttery - Drums (2010-2011)

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