Friday, July 29, 2022

Ambry - Discography

Ambry was an emo post-hardcore band in the mid 2000's from New Hampshire. They released 1 studio album in 2005 and broke up the same year. Members went on to other projects such as Me As Time & Cardinal Shepherd. 


Christopher Thibault (Vocals)
Justin Bloch (Guitar, Backup Vocals)
Geof Gagnon (Guitar)
Aaron Bernard (Bass)
Derrick Flanagin (Drums)


Holding On By The Blindfolds We Hide Behind (2005)

Download (192kbps)

1. Better Scene Than Heard
2. The Boy With Two Shadows
3. Absence Equals Abstinence
4. Car Crash Love
5. If Practice Makes Perfect, We Need More
6. Postcards From California
7. Linguistic Relativity For Horses
8. 32 Teeth And I Still Can't Bite My Tongue
9. Memory Or Tragedy
10. Dancing With My Confusion
11. A Collapse Of Confidence

Demos, Unreleased Songs, Misc. Tracks (2002-2011)

Download (VBR)

1. When It Rains, It Pours (2002 Demo)
2. Eight Letter Homicide (2002 Demo)
3. Absence Equals Abstinence (2003 Demo)
4. If Practice Makes Perfect, We Need More (2003 Demo)
5. Memory Or Tragedy (2003 Demo)
6. Postcards From California (2003 Demo)
7. Better Scene Than Heard (Remix)
8. Death Scene (2011 Demo)
9. Gasoline (2011 Demo)
10. Tonight Tonight (impromptu Smashing Pumpkins cover) [ft. Trophy Scars] (2005)


We are missing a demo by Ambry called "Sit Down This Could Take Awhile", please let us know if you have it!

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