Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Daughters - Self-Titled Demos


1. The Virgin (Early Demo)
2. The First Supper (First Demo)
3. The First Supper (Early Demo)
4. The First Supper (Early Demo With Keys)
5. The First Supper (Second Demo)
6. The First Supper (Merged Demo With The Hit)
7. The First Supper (Speed Demo)
8. The First Supper (Groove Demo)
9. The First Supper (Cosmic Demo)
10. The Hit (Original Riffs Demo)
11. The Hit (Alternate Demo)
12. The Hit (Second Alternate Demo)
13. The Hit (Extra Effects Demo)
14. The Hit (Keys & Alternate Ending Demo)
15. The Hit (Spooky Keys Demo)
16. The Theater Goer (Alternate Demo)
17. Our Queens (Demo)
18. The Dead Singer (Alternate Demo)
19. Sweet Georgia Brown (Original Guitar Demo)
20. Sweet Georgia Brown (First Demo)
21. The Unattractive, Portable Head (Final Demo)
22. Unfinished Demo #1
23. Unfinished Demo #2
24. Unfinished Demo #3
25. Unfinished Demo #4

Sourced from their Patreon. There was likely to be more demos released but the band ended their Patreon as they were dropping these. 

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