Tuesday, December 20, 2022

blink-182 - Acoustic for the Kids (2012)

Download (320kbps) | YouTube

01. Feeling This
02. First Date
03. The Rock Show
04. Dammit
05. The Party Song
06. Aliens Exist
07. Down
08. What's My Age Again?
09. Up All Night
10. I Miss You
11. Stay Together for the Kids
12. Adam's Song
13. All the Small Things

This is a collection of fan-made acoustic versions of blink-182 hits. They were originally uploaded by YouTube user katyperrylolol sometime around 2012. I had ripped the mp3's from the videos back then and when I saw that the originals were gone, decided to upload the "album" here, with custom cover art made by me. 

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