Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Sinforiano Diaz Live Collection

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1. Christine
2. A Hymn
3. Devil in a Red Dress
4. Untitled (Romance Movies)
5. Untitled (Spaceship)
6. Untitled (Reminds Me)
7. Sleepy People
8. Echoes of December '07
9. Happy Halloween
10. My Two Months
11. Untitled (Winter)
12. Untitled (At Least For Awhile)
13. Christine
14. Untitled (Inseparable Species)
15. New Adventures of Old Christine
16. Sleepy People
17. Untitled (Reminds Me)
18. Gig Life
19. To the Janitor, To the King

This is every live recording of Sinforiano Diaz; the solo-project of Thomas Diaz who was most known for being the original vocalist of The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die. 

Since so little of his solo material has been made public at this point in time, I decided to cut out the applause and most audience banter to make this more like a lo-fi "album". I also included 2 live TWIABP performances that are mostly focused on Tom. I made the photo collage using pictures I didn't take.

Any "Untitled" song has no currently known title, so the names in parenthesis are unofficial ones I gave to them.

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