Monday, October 17, 2022

Radiohead - OKNOTOK White Cassette

Download (320kbps) | YouTube

1. ZX Spectrum Symphony
2. AMS Hello
3. True Love Waits (Tape Loop)
4. Let Down (Thom 4-track)
5. I May be Paranoid but Not an Android
6. Attention (Thom 4-track)
7. Noise Sketch by Nigel Godrich
8. Climbing Up the Walls (Abbey Road Strings)
9. Someone Help This Guy
10. Motion Picture Soundtrack (Solo Piano)
11. Was That Recording?
12. The Jumbled Words of Climbing Up the Walls Read by Little Dan Clements
13. Lull (Ed's Guitar Infinite Reverb)
14. Airbag Drums Through Moog
15. Karma Police Space Echo
16. Karma Police Voice Through Telephone
17. (Talking)
18. Piano Sketch by Jonny
19. Big Bird Story by Stanley Donwood
20. No Surprises (Soundcheck Demo)
21. Radio Chaser Noise
22. True Love Waits Space Loop
23. (Talking)
24. Fridge Buzz
25. Are You Someone?
26. Nigel Godrich AMS Delay
27. Jonny's Radio in Climbing Up the Walls
28. Climbing Up the Walls (Thom 4-track)
29. A Piano Lies Down in the Middle of the Road
30. Transposing Noise Sketch by Nigel Godrich
31. Paranoid Android (Jonny & Thom Demo)
32. Alternate Paranoid Android Outro (Live in Pittsburgh)
33. An Airbag Saved My Life (Demo)
34. (Talking)
35. Paranoid Android Loud Room at St. Catherine's
36. Nigel Godrich AMS Paranoid Android Guitar Sample
37. Nude (Demo)
38. The National Anthem (Thom 4-track)
39. Ambient Loops
40. Man of War (Live in Montpellier)
41. Nigel Godrich AMS Delay
42. Thom's Acoustic Guitar as Microphone in Climbing Up the Walls
43. OK Computer Program

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