Tuesday, August 2, 2022

The Needle Drop - Anthony FanFiction Vol. 1

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1. An Anthony Fantano Story (Jake R.)
2. Anthony and the Closet (Stuart C.)
3. Anthony Noire (Chris D.)
4. Cal Chuchesta Origins (Sam D.)
5. Cal Gets Kicked Out (Sean B.)
6. Cal's Clone Conquest (Erin S.)
7. Cal Chuchesta's Existence Explained (Malik G.)
8. Lime Time (Michael B.)
9. The Life and Times of Anthony Fantano (Daniel R.)
10. Anthony and Cal's Most Magical Christmast of All (Josh B.)

This is a collection of fan-submitted fiction centered around The Needle Drop, Anthony Fantano, Cal Chuchesta. Narrated by Anthony himself.

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