Saturday, August 13, 2022

Fletcher (pre-Colour Revolt band fronted by Jesse Coppenbarger)

2003 - "Friends Don't Speak"

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1. All in the End
2. Bea Arthur
3. Relation Sketch
4. A Captain's Orders
5. Religion vs. Ethics
6. Perfect
7. Redemption/Rejoice!
8. One of Two
9. The Amy Arose
10. There Are Many Ways of Being a Man...
11. Friend's Don't Speak
They supposedly released an album in 2001 named "Andy's Greatest Hits". If you have this album or any other Fletcher / Colour Revolt -adjacent music, please contact us. 

We did find this song & music video called "Get Down Padre".

The music video & mp3 rip of the song are included in the google drive.

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