Saturday, August 13, 2022

Colour Revolt - Dust In The Urn: Demos & Unreleased Material

Download (VBR)

1. Mattresses Underwater (Makeshift Version)
2. Out Homes Are Graves (Makeshift Version)
3. Paris (Makeshift Version)
4. Swamp Rock (Foxxe In A Box Demo)
5. Naked and Read (Foxxe In A Box Demo)
6. Red Glow Forming
7. We Are Memories (Demo)
8. Open Up To Me (Demo)
9. Moat (Demo)
10. She Don't Talk (Demo)
11. Brought To Life (Demo)
12. A New Family (Maverick's ViN DzL Remix)
I've compiled all the Colour Revolt studio demos & unreleased material into this collection.
tracks 1-3 from the Makeshift EP
tracks 4-5 I found on Purevolume under the band name "Foxxe In A Box"
track 6 was an iTunes exclusive bonus track for The Cradle
tracks 7-10 were exclusive to The Cradle (Deluxe Edition)
track 11... I don't remember where I found this demo but I'm glad I did
track 12 was exclusive to the 10th anniversary re-release of the Colour Revolt EP

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