Thursday, August 18, 2022

Cal Chuchesta - The New CALassic

Download (320kbps) | YouTube

1. Intro (ft. YouAintPackinMeat)
2. Hot Dinner (prod. Jahil Beats)
3. I Was Throwin Up (On A Tuesday)
4. Cocoa (Remix) (Ft. Filthy Frank & Pink Guy)
5. Doody's First Message
6. Parody (prod. Boi-1da, Frank Dukes, Nineteen85 and Noah_40_Shebib)
7. Be My Bae Bae (prod. Chuck Inglish)
8. Sad Boy (prod. FrankJavCee)
9. Doody's Second Message
10. Friend From The Apple Store (prod. 88 Keys, DJ Don Cannon and Kanye West)
11. OG Radio Interview (ft. OG Radio and DJ Slice)
12. Cal The Best Freestyle (prod. L.E.S., Nile Rodgers, & Trackmasters)
13. I Am Angry (prod. Brandon Thomas)
14. I Need My Friends (ft. 3pac, FrankJavCee & John Sakars) (prod. hit-boy)
15. Cocoa (Teh Drenk)
16. Cocoa (Nmesh's Whack Cal Zone remix)

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