Friday, July 29, 2022

Taking Back Sunday - Self-Titled Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks)

The demo of "Best Places To Be A Mom" was posted by vocalist Adam Lazzara to his soundcloud page prior to the albums release. The other tracks were only available on a deluxe edition bonus disc, which was limited to a pre-order on the bands website. 

Bonus Tracks:
15. Best Places To Be A Mom (Demo)
16. Mackey Sasser & Steve Balboni Ride Again
17. Semi-Automatic
18. Mourning Sickness
19. Not Going Anywhere
20. You Should Have Waited (Old Demo / New Demo)
21. You Were Right

Adam & John Commentary Tracks:
22. Mackey Sasser & Steve Balboni Ride Again (Commentary)
23. Semi-Automatic (Commentary)
24. Mourning Sickness (Commentary)
25. Not Going Anywhere (Commentary)
26. You Should Have Waited (Commentary)
27. You Were Right (Commentary)

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