Saturday, July 30, 2022

Steven Universe - Demo Collection


This collection of demos was compiled from old tumblr posts and soundcloud pages.
160kbps is typically the highest available quality among these.
This does not include any of the demos from the movie, as those are available for purchase.

1. We Are The Crystal Gems (Rebecca Sugar & Jeff Liu Demo)
2. We Are The Crystal Gems (Rebecca Sugar Demo)
3. We Are The Crystal Gems (Extended Rebecca Sugar Demo)
4. We Are The Crystal Gems (Jeff Liu Instrumental)
5. Cookie Cat (Jeff Liu Demo)
6. Connie (Aivi & Surasshu Piano Demo)
7. Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart (Rebecca Sugar Demo)
8. Giant Woman (Rebecca Sugar Demo)
9. Strong In The Real Way (Rebecca Sugar Demo)
10. At The Big Donut (Ben Levin Demo)
11. Steven And The Stevens (Jeff Liu Demo)
12. Ste-Ste-Ste-Steven (Jeff Liu Demo)
13. Big Fat Zucchini (Jeff Liu Demo)
14. Steven And The Crystal Gems (Jeff Liu Demo)
15. Be Wherever You Are
16. Lion's Mane (Jeff Liu Demo)
17. On The Run (Original Jeff Liu Demo)
18. On The Run (Jeff Liu & Katie Mitroff Demo)
19. Lil' Butler (Ian Jones-Quartey Demo)
20. Rose's Theme (Jeff Liu Demo)
21. Stronger Than You (Rebecca Sugar & Jeff Liu Demo)
22. Do It For Her (Rebecca Sugar Demo)
23. Full Disclosure (Rebecca Sugar & Nick DeMayo Demo)
24. What Can I Do For You? (Rebecca Sugar, Jeff Liu, & Ben Levin Demo)
25. Something Entirely New (Rebecca Sugar Demo)
26. Tower Of Mistakes (Jeff Liu Demo)
27. Tower Of Mistakes (Instrumental Jeff Liu Demo)
28. Peace And Love (Rebecca Sugar Demo)
29. Mr. Greg (Rebecca Sugar Demo)
30. It's Over Isn't It? (Rebecca Sugar Demo)
31. Both Of You (Rebecca Sugar Demo)
32. Need A Little Change (Rebecca Sugar, Jeff Liu, & Ben Levin Demo)
33. Here Comes A Thought (Rebecca Sugar Demo)
34. What's The Use Of Feeling Blue? (Rebecca Sugar Demo)
35. The Working Dead (Rebecca Sugar, Ben Levin, & Jeff Liu Demo)

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