Friday, July 29, 2022

Me As Time - Movements

genre: ambient post-hardcore, progressive rock, alt rock

1. Opaque
2. The First Movement
3. Static
4. The Final Movement
5. Lucid

Me As Time was an ambient post-hardcore band from Manchester, New Hampshire. Me As Time used a foundation of electronica and rock to continuously build upon their powerful, yet melodic sound. The debut full length album "Somnia & Storrow" (Produced, recorded & mixed by Mike Poorman & MAT, Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper) was released 10.01.10. Several members were previously a part of the band Ambry.

Bass, Vocals – James Bucuzzo
Drums – Chris Hayes
Guitar – Brennan Gassek, Justin Bloch
Guitar, Vocals – Geof Gagnon
Lead Vocals – Joe Hinkle

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