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B-side Archive serves to host music that is no longer able to be purchased, or is just free by default. Demos, live sets, unreleased material, etc.

We also have a massive YouTube channel with thousands of albums and songs posted there. Not everything posted to the YT channel will be hosted for download here, but a lot of it will be. 

Our commitment to preserving potentially lost music goes back to the 2000's, when I was saving as many mp3s as I could from sites like Purevolume & Myspace. Originally we were contributors to b-sides-r-us, which sadly was closed after the demise of megaupload and almost all of the download links hosted there became invalid.

I'm extremely passionate about archiving music! It all started when I noticed that NO ONE was preserving music from my local scene during the Myspace era. To this day, it isn't uncommon for me to reach out to an old band to see if they have any of their old tunes to share, only to find out that they don't even have their own music anymore. This breaks my heart, and I try to spend as much free time as I can saving music that might end up lost. I could talk about this for ages, but I'll end by saying that I'm happy you're here and I encourage you to share anything and everything you download from this site.

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